A Midsummers Nights Dream BY kalesha

 A midsummer Nights Dream

a midsummer nights dream is a is a wonderful play written by Shakespeare. This play really stood out to me because its a comedy and it has four interconnecting  plots which is also connected  by a wedding the bride is the one and only Amazon queen and  the groom is the one and only duke Theseus  of Athens. The play is mostly set in a wood but can move to a different  place  and time. The characters are:

Titania    Lysander   Nick Bottom   snug

Hermia  Theseus   Peter Quince  Fairy 

Oberon  Helana  Philostrate

Puck    Hippolyta   Robin Starveling 

Demetrius  Egeus  Francis Flute

all the characters are important  but some characters are seen a lot more in the play!!!!