A Midsummers Nights Dream BY kalesha

 A midsummer Nights Dream

a midsummer nights dream is a is a wonderful play written by Shakespeare. This play really stood out to me because its a comedy and it has four interconnecting  plots which is also connected  by a wedding the bride is the one and only Amazon queen and  the groom is the one and only duke Theseus  of Athens. The play is mostly set in a wood but can move to a different  place  and time. The characters are:

Titania    Lysander   Nick Bottom   snug

Hermia  Theseus   Peter Quince  Fairy 

Oberon  Helana  Philostrate

Puck    Hippolyta   Robin Starveling 

Demetrius  Egeus  Francis Flute

all the characters are important  but some characters are seen a lot more in the play!!!!




Facts about Hamlet.By Darren

There are more than 15 named characters in Hamlet. Depending on your task, you might just focus on one or two characters. Consider who the main characters are, how they develop and how they relate to each other.


Hamlet is a complex character.

Derek Jacobi as Hamlet, with the skull of Yorick

His temperament shifts from despair to vengefulness, from lucidity to madness and from passiveness to aggression.

We learn from Ophelia that at university he was considered to be popular and stylish: “the glass of fashion and the mould of form…”. However, since returning home, he has become despairing and suicidal as a result of:

  • his father’s murder
  • his mother’s marriage to his uncle
  • the treachery of his uncle

Hamlet is torn between his educated, rational intellect and his emotional lust for revenge. When he is about to kill Claudius, he hesitates for religious reasons – but when he is angry, he blindly stabs the innocent Polonius. He is witty and sarcastic when he mocks Polonius’ empty flattery – but blunt and crude in the way he accuses Gertrude of “damned incest”. He feigns madness but his actions are so manic that the audience could easily conclude that he is genuinely mad.

Hamlet’s personality is much less fixed than those of other characters.

Hamlet is a mixture of many personalities rolled into one: dutiful, scheming, angry and compliant. His is the ultimate personality, the ultimate contradiction and he therefore becomes the ultimate tragic hero.